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Perfect Keto vs Pruvit OS Comparison: Which One is Better for Ketosis?

Top Choices

Perfect Keto Base

chocolate flavor
  • Quick and Easy Ketosis
  • Easy to Mix
  • BHB Salts

Pruvit Keto OS

  • High Quality BHB
  • Good Source of Protein
  • MCT Powder


  • Both Brands have variety of products both for Health and Weight Loss but Perfect Keto has a lot more on their plate when it comes to weight loss and health.
  • When it comes to ingredients, both have solid deals on them but Perfect Keto wins by just a small lead by having more nutrients and minerals on their products.
  • Money is not a problem when you want something so it's gonna be a tie on pricing and they're both not that expensive anyway. On flavors and taste, it's got to be Perfect Keto since they have more variety of flavors to choose from.

Exogenous ketones are supplements that can be added into ketogenic diets. They boost your ketone levels, aiding in brain function and easing many of the common symptoms experienced when first going into ketosis- commonly called the ‘keto flu.’

They can improve cognitive and athletic performance, acting as a source of lasting energy.

When it comes to supplying exogenous ketones to today’s market, there are two big hitters in terms of product quality: Perfect Keto and Pruvit.

But which is better? Which offers the greatest value for money, the purest product, the best tasting and most usable supplements? Perfect Keto VS Pruvit, who really dominates the other?

This is what we will look at today.

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Comparison Table



Perfect Keto

chocolate flavor


Pruvit OS


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Perfect Keto vs Pruvit OS Comparison

perfect keto vs pruvit

Perfect Keto


Perfect Keto are on the top of their game and are held in great respect by their peers and customers alike. This is for a couple of very good reasons.

Their key products are clean, simple and almost nutritionally perfect. Their collagen is one of the cleanest on the market and represents a great investment for anybody looking to add exogenous ketones to their current supplement regime.

Their Collagen Protein Powder is great tasting, easy to mix and comes with an impressive nutritional breakdown. Its ingredients list is shorter than Pruvit’s, which is generally a good thing. It cuts straight to the point without any unnecessary filler.

However, there is a downside to this. Their products have no caffeine in them. If this is what you’re looking for, then great. If not- like many of us- it’s not so good.

Pruvit Keto OS


Pruvit are also making a big name for themselves with their fantastic products. Their main line contains a mixed bag of supplements, though most are really good.

Many of their products contain dairy. Many also contain caffeine. Some can also cause stomach upsets, though this is rare and usually goes away quite quickly when it does appear. The main fault that can be found with most of their products is in the taste.

Their flavoring is very strong and very sweet. If you’re on a keto diet, there is a good chance that your taste buds are very sensitive to sweetness as you don’t have any sugar in your diet. Pruvit can therefore be quite overbearing and intense.

  • Verdict:

Both companies give strong offerings. Both companies’ products will help you to achieve and maintain ketosis. On balance, though, Perfect Keto offer more palatable, more useful products as a whole than Pruvit.

Benefits from Each Supplement Brand

Both Perfect Keto and Pruvit bring strong benefits with their supplements.

Their exogenous ketones will allow you to hit ketosis quickly and easily. Achieving ketosis with them will be done in a far more comfortable way than traditional techniques offer. They allow you to forego the usual feeling of starvation as you cut carbs and increase fat intake.

With both, you will be able to hit ketosis with fewer sacrifices or side effects.

One of the key ingredients in their products is their beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) formulae. BHB formulae like these have been designed specifically for those on ketogenic diets.


One of the key ingredients in their products is their beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) formulae. BHB formulae like these have been designed specifically for those on ketogenic diets. They support raised blood ketone levels, improve mental and athletic performance, and raise energy levels.

In addition, as should be the case with decent keto supplements and protocols, both Perfect Keto and Pruvit have been shown to support healthy weight management with their supplements.

‘Keto flu’ and stomach and gastric complaints usually associated with going into ketosis are much diminished by both companies’ products.

Realistically, there is little to choose from in terms of the health benefits of either. One or the other may give you better results. One or the other may give you fewer complaints and a more comfortable experience.

  • Verdict:

Both are solid: both will help you a great deal on your keto journey.

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Main Active Ingredients

Contents of Each Product

Pretty much every ketone supplement uses BHB as a core ingredient. Anything else is either just fluff or an added bonus: it is BHB that will do all the hard work and make the product worthwhile.

It’s therefore quite important to know how much BHB you will be getting in each dose. Dosing it correctly will be key when working out how to program your supplementation for maximum efficiency and gain.

Pruvit Keto Ingredients

ingredients and supplement facts

Pruvit do not tell you how much BHB is in their product. This is because BHB is listed as a part of their proprietary blend. The exact amount of the ingredient is not known, as proprietary blends, their ratios and ingredients, are kept a secret.

Other ingredients found in Pruvit ketone supplements are erythritol, caffeine, carbohydrates, xanthan and inulin gum, and dairy. Caffeine can be beneficial for boosting energy levels, and all the rest make for a good quality product.

It’s just a shame that you cannot tell the volume of ketones in their ketone powder.

Perfect Keto Ingredients

ingredients and supplement facts

By contrast, Perfect Keto products come with high quality BHB salts that are clearly and correctly dosed and measured.

The ketone count in their powders is 11.38 grams per serving. This is clearly is specified on the packaging.

Other ingredients include potassium, magnesium, cocoa, vitamin C, and stevia leaf. These will help to keep you well hydrated and will aid your immune system as an added benefit.

  • Verdict:

Because of the clear dosing, and due to the added benefits inherent in its formula, it’s clear that Perfect Keto come out on top with regards their active ingredients.

Which One Tastes Better?

Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. Instead of coming down on one side or another, therefore, let’s take a look at what each product has to offer.

As mentioned above, the flavours in Pruvit’s products are incredibly strong. No matter which flavour you try, they are all powerful and really quite sweet.

If this works for you, brilliant: try Pruvit.

If you’re looking for an alternative sweet treat, for something like a milkshake or a soda that would otherwise be unavailable on a ketogenic diet, this is a clear winner.

As also mentioned above, many people in ketosis have very acute tastes. As you will have no sugar and limited carbs on a keto diet (if you’re doing it right!), you will be overly sensitive to sweetness. A little bit can go a long way.

  • Verdict:

You will be better off going for Perfect Keto if you want a subtler taste. If you find sugary sweetness overbearing, their flavours will work very well for you.

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Are these Products Safe?

Ketosis is not for everybody. It’s always worth consulting your healthcare provider before entering into any new diet, especially one as extreme as a ketogenic protocol.

Even if you do go onto a ketogenic diet, you may not flourish: some people will do better with plenty of carbs than with few.

Keep an eye on your body and learn what works for you.

This being said, there are numerous health benefits that ketosis can bring. It can aid people with type 2 diabetes and children with epilepsy. It helps to combat obesity, which will in turn lead to an improvement across most health markers.

In most cases, it can be very safe and beneficial. Exogenous ketones like those supplied by Perfect Keto and Pruvit will generally make this process even safer and more beneficial.

Ketosis comes with several side effects, as noted above. Many are often brought together and referred to as the ‘keto flu’ because they resemble flu-like symptoms.

These may include:

  • Headache and brain fog
  • Fatigue
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Poor sleep/insomnia
  • Nausea and stomach upset
  • Impaired physical and athletic performance

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These symptoms are almost always temporary and should go away within a few weeks of beginning a ketogenic diet. As your body goes into ketosis, these symptoms begin to diminish.

BHB supplementation will help to put you into ketosis faster and more efficiently. It will help to mitigate the worst of the above symptoms and will more quickly take your body to the point at which they disappear.

BHB manufacture uses electrolytes. Higher electrolyte doses can be harmful, especially for people with medical conditions such as kidney stones than can impede their ability to regulate them.

BHB supplements are completely safe to take in the doses recommended by the manufacturers.

Any products that contain caffeine, as Pruvit’s keto supplements do, should be treated with caution. Though small amounts are healthy, excessive caffeine intake can lead to issues such as diarrhoea, dehydration and multiple other common conditions.

  • Verdict:

Due to its well-regulated, clear cut BHB content and the lack of caffeine, Perfect Keto will likely be the safest of the two to use. Which one is better for you depends on your circumstances and the way in which you respond to each product.

Which Ones can be Used as Ingredient for Keto Recipes?


Both companies’ products can be used in a range of recipes.

If you want to use them in baking, building some of your favourite keto recipes around them as a cornerstone, both Perfect Keto and Pruvit powders will work very well. As shakes, smoothies, yoghurt sweeteners or straight forward drinks, they will do what you need them to do very ably.

Once more, personal preference comes into play here when deciding which is best.

For sweeter dishes, when baking or making up a sweet tasting smoothie, Pruvit’s more potent flavouring will make their product the one to pick. If you do have cravings for sweetness, a simple milkshake with some of their powder can be absolutely perfect.

If you want a subtler taste, or if you don’t want the flavours and sweetness to overpower the rest of the ingredients in whatever you are making, Perfect Keto will be the best. If you’re mixing up a low sugar smoothie or shake and want to add fruit for flavouring, or if you’re going for a lower-key bake, this will be the one to go with.

  • Verdict:

For sheer versatility, Perfect Keto is the winner here. It can be combined with most flavours without its own taste overpowering everything else.

Pricing and Where to Buy

Perfect Keto is generally cheaper and better value for money. People are wondering where to buy perfect keto in stores. Well you will find it online, in their own outlets and on sites like Amazon. It makes for easy, low-cost purchasing, without any money going to any middlemen.

Pruvit use a multi-level marketing (MLM) system. These are notorious for inflating prices and depleting the efficiency of any transaction. MLM sources mean that membership and referral fees are bound up in what you end up paying, and an extra slice is added to the top to make it worth the vendor’s while.

If you are operating on a budget (who isn’t?) or if you just want to get your money’s worth (who doesn’t), then Perfect Keto will be the one to go with. Their products will end up cheaper and the transaction will generally be smoother and far less layered.

Final Verdict: Overall Winner

chocolate flavor

Everything seems to be pointing towards Perfect Keto as the winner. With only a slight proviso, they are hands down the best product.

First and foremost, they are better value for money. This will be make or break for many consumers. In addition, they are easier to shop for and have very transparent business and vending practices.

Aside from this, they are open about their ingredients list.

Pruvit won’t sneak anything nasty or extra in. Their ingredients list is sound and will bring some great benefits. The fact that they don’t list amounts for key components like BHB content is a big drawback, though.

You know the doses you will be getting with Perfect Keto.

Both are safe products, and both will bring you the benefits you want from ketogenic supplementation. They are easy to use and will help you to keep the worse side effects of ketosis at bay, whilst getting you into it faster and keeping you there more easily.

The main proviso is flavoring. If you like a strong, sweet taste, do try out Pruvit. They may be perfect for you. Otherwise, it’s got to be Perfect Keto.