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Purefit Keto Reviews: Is It a Legit Shark Tank Product? (UPDATED 2021)



  • Formulated to get you into ketosis faster than other products out there
  • Helps relieve side effects that occurs during the early stages
  • Feel lighter and boosts stamina by burning fats into energy


  • Won’t be as effective if the diet is not done right.
  • Negatively judged by many since a lot was not successful with their diet.
  • has the reputation of being sketchy and having false campaigns.

Purefit Keto are one of many companies who seek to exploit a ready gap in the supplement market: helping people to undergo a good-quality ketogenic diet with greater ease than has previously been possible.

The keto diet comes with a host of benefits, from weight loss to increased energy and mental alertness.

It is notoriously strict and hard to keep to for many modern people. For this reason, companies are beginning to look at ways to help people stick to the keto diet: Purefit’s products are some of the best- though perhaps among the most notorious- on today’s market. Read on through our Purefit Keto reviews to know more about the power and effectiveness of this keto supplement.

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The Purefit Keto Reviews 2021

purefit keto reviews 2021

Purefit Keto is a unique, proprietary formula. Purefit’s claim is that it is a technological breakthrough that should enable you to lose a pound of fat per day.

Let’s nip this in the bud straight away. It will not allow you to lose a pound of fat per day, at least not for more than the first few days.

This is impossible and deeply undesirable. It is unhealthy to lose this much weight, this quickly, and most of the lost weight will be in muscle mass through catabolism. You may also lose lots of water weight at the beginning, making it seem like the weight loss is more drastic than it actually is.

You do not want to lose weight this quickly, you cannot lose fat this quickly, and Purefit Keto will not enable you to.

Most people will want to lose between 1-3 pounds per week, depending on their starting size. This is achievable in a healthy manner and can be made up almost entirely of bodyfat.

This being said, Purefit Keto should help you to lose weight if you use it correctly and combine it with a well-rounded dietary and exercise plan.

What is Purefit Keto?

purefit keto reviews 2021

Purefit Keto is a very straightforward ketogenic dietary supplement. You get a 30-day supply in each jar, and each capsule will give you everything you need to make ketosis and ketogenic dieting a little easier.

The capsules are made up of 800mg of exogenous ketones, which includes: Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB.

Purefit Keto supplement pills should trigger ketosis quickly when they are taken. This makes achieving ketosis a much easier, much more immediate process than a traditional ketogenic diet would include.

They do this by giving your body a head start on ketones. The capsules deliver their ketones, which should kick start your liver’s production and gives you an energy boost. In turn, this energy boost and increased ketone load will put you into ketosis without you having to experience the dreaded ‘keto flu.’

It’s always a good idea to take exogenous ketones when beginning such a strict protocol as the ketogenic diet: they will help you achieve your results far more efficiently, whilst offsetting many of the most common and intrusive side effects.

What are the Benefits of Purefit Keto?

The BHB salts in Purefit Keto’s formula helps with appetite suppression. As hunger pangs are a common symptom in those just entering into a ketogenic diet, this suppression is incredibly useful.

Obviously, appetite suppression can be useful for anybody looking to lose weight. You won’t get those hunger pangs between meals, allowing you to more easily keep to whatever diet plan you are following. 


As ketogenic diets involve low carbohydrate consumption, the initial phase when you are getting into it can be tough. You can get the ‘keto flu’, as mentioned above. This is essentially a period of low energy caused by your body being unaccustomed to using fat for fuel.

As also mentioned above, the BHB salts in Purefit’s formula mitigate much of this lethargy. They hydrate you, first and foremost. They also give you more readily available, sustained energy by aiding in ketone production.

This in turn will bring about a positive athletic outcome. Your endurance, stamina and strength should all be improved by taking Purefit Keto supplements compared to going keto without them.

Many people may be tempted to overcome keto flu with black coffee or other caffeine sources, treating lethargy with quick bursts of energy. Purefit gives no sudden burst of energy: it is slow releasing, long lasting and very consistent. You will also benefit from a great deal of mental clarity, further undoing the harsh effects of the keto flu that we all want to avoid.

My Results from Using Purefit Keto

All of the above is based on the company’s own claims.

My results from using Purefit Keto supplements is fairly consistent with everything they have said, though. My energy levels were more even and even slightly improved throughout ketosis when I took their supplements.

weight loss

This was true both of my day-to-day activities and my athletic performance. I woke up focused and ready to go and this feeling lasted my fairly consistently throughout the day. In the gym, I found my performance improving a little. I found that I could go for longer, lifting to more sets and reps than usual, and that I could perform my steady-state cardio at a harder rate.

I coupled taking Purefit Keto with a ketogenic diet, as is advised. I would always tell people to do the same, in order to maximize the benefits you will get from taking them.

I usually get really bad keto flu when I first start a ketogenic diet. This will last me from a couple of weeks to a couple of months sometimes.

My keto flu on Purefit Keto capsules was so much reduced that it barely affected me at all.

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Other People’s Results - Customer Reviews

There have been many people who have lost weight by combining Purefit Keto with a ketogenic diet and exercise.

Many have said also that it helped during the first few days, when that keto flu can really get on top of you. Instances of exhaustion, headaches and mental fog seem to be diminished in most people when they have taken Purefit Keto supplements.

In taking exogenous ketones such as these, you will be giving your body energy without feeding it any carbs and undermining your diet: as far as this goes, this is a real victory for Purefit’s formula.

Many people have also reported that they found the BHBs very useful of cheat days. It’s very hard to cut carbs down as much as ketosis requires, and one slip up can undo a lot of hard work. People on ketogenic diets can often fall apart for this reason.

However, using these pills can keep you in your hard fought for ketosis for a few hours even after you cheat and eat something heavy in carbs.

There has been a lot of negative press around Purefit Keto, which I will go into in more detail below. This has been coupled with a fair amount of poor reviews. However, most of these poor reviews seem either to be influenced by the press or to have been written by people who didn’t change their diets.

Purefit Keto is no miracle weight loss product: such products do not exist.

If you use the pills correctly, and couple them with a good quality weight-loss training and diet program, the before and after results are what you would expect: decent fat loss, a leaner, fitter physique, and very little by way of negative side effects. 

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What Are the Key Ingredients?


As mentioned above, Purefit Keto is built around three BHBs.

  • Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  • Calcium Beta Hydroxybutyrate
  •  Sodium Beta Hydroxybutyrate

BHB is a ketone that the body naturally produces when breaking down fats. It is the main active ingredient in this formula. Varieties with Magnesium, Calcium and Sodium are particularly potent. 

These compounds are simply salts that attach to the ketone to help your body absorb it making it far more efficient.

These salts separate from the ketones in your blood stream. Alongside speeding up absorption, they will also improve your electrolyte levels (a common concern in the earlier stages of a ketogenic diet).

Purefit Keto also contains safe, digestible amounts of acetone and acetoacetate.

How Does it Compare to Perfect Keto?

Perfect Keto is definitely the better-known entity here. They are a well-established, well-respected brand without the negative press that seems to surround Purefit. They deliver highly dependable, often-proven results and provide what many consider to be the benchmark of ketone quality.

Perfect Keto are also known for their great customer service, which can be lacking with Purefit Keto.

perfect keto vs purefit

However, results are great with Purefit Keto and I would be very happy recommending them to anyone. Having tried both, I have no clear favourite: give each a try and see which suits you better.

What is the issue between Purefit and Shark Tank?


Here’s the main bit of bad publicity that I mentioned earlier.

There was a controversy early on when Purefit Keto were just starting out surrounding their relationship (and lack thereof) with Shark Tank. One of their earliest online ads claimed that the TV show had funded them.

It did not fund them. Purefit was never listed on any of Shark Tank’s episode guides, on their website anywhere else: they are entirely unconnected.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has confirmed that the ad on Purefit’s website was misleading. Though Purefit were never featured on Shark Tank, they nevertheless claimed that they did and used doctored imagery from an episode featuring a different, unrelated product in their promotional material.

Purefit promptly retracted their ad. It looks like their advertising department got carried away and, when they were caught, they played fairly and fixed the situation.

How to Use this Purefit Keto Properly?

It’s simple enough: simply take two capsules daily.

However for best results, couple Purefit Keto with a ketogenic diet. Eat fewer than 50 grams of carbs per day, take in plenty of fat, and moderate amounts of protein. You should find the results mentioned above happening for you.

take pill

If you exceed the 50-gram daily limit on carbs, you will revert out of ketosis. Your body will begin to use glucose for energy once more and the ketogenic process will be undone: you will need to start from scratch once more.

Stick to ketosis, stick to Purefit Keto every day, and the results will come.

It’s always best to combine this kind of diet with a moderate to hard exercise regime.

Does it Really Work? Is it Safe?

Yes, it works. Forget their bad press. Forget the somewhat crass, overdone advertising they push on you (they come on with the hard-sell a bit too much). Look at the science.

Exogenous ketones like those contained in Purefit Keto’s pills have been part and parcel of the ketogenic life for many years now and will continue to be as long as keto is popular. This is because taking them raises your blood ketone level.

There’s not much more to say on it than that.

If you want to run a ketogenic diet, and you don’t want any of the dodgy side effects, and you want it to happen quickly and efficiently, then exogenous ketones are for you. Purefit Keto’s exogenous ketones are good quality and competitively priced.

Don’t listen to some of Purefit Keto’s more outrageous claims. You won’t be able to lose a pound per day. If you do start doing so, see your doctor- something isn’t right and you likely need some form of medical intervention!

Don’t listen to Purefit Keto’s hype about their products being a miracle cure or weight loss magic pill. They aren’t. They are what they are: a good quality source of exogenous ketones

slim abs

This is all they need to or should be. If this was all they claimed, they would have no negative publicity and far fewer people eyeing them suspiciously.

So, don’t expect the Earth when you buy these. Expect a useful tool in your ketogenic arsenal. This way, you won’t be disappointed, and you will likely get the results you are after.

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How much does Purefit Keto cost?

A bottle of Purefit Keto BHBs costs a fairly reasonable price, direct from the vendor. The bottles give you enough 800 mg Purefit Keto pills for a whole month’s usage.

I mentioned above that Perfect Keto’s customer service is better than Purefit Keto’s. This is particularly true with the ordering process. Though I experienced nothing untoward in my dealings with them, several verified users received 400 mg pills after paying for the 800 mg pills.

Always make sure to specify what you are ordering, and double check what you receive. They may take a bit of nagging to accept returns as well, so do bear this in mind when deciding on which supplement company to go with.

Pros and Cons

There are some really good pros with Purefit Keto, and a few quite dodgy cons. I would always recommend trying them: the base science of what they sell is far better than the miracles they claim to peddle.

However, to go in with your eyes open, here are the main positives and negatives involved in buying Purefit Keto supplements:


  • They help you get into ketosis fast
  • They have been linked to good quality fat loss, helping you to lose weight
  • They increase your body’s ability to burn fat for energy
  • They increase cognitive function and memory
  • They should improve your stamina and recovery during and after exercise
  • They will help you to maintain lean muscle mass as you lose body fat


  • They have had lots of negative comments from customers
  • They have very dubious marketing tactics that oversell the impossible and undersell the practical
  • They have been flagged by the BBB for outright false marketing campaigns
  • They are known for poor customer service

Where to Buy Purefit Keto?

purefit keto

You can buy their products through their main site (and few, if any, other vendors that I could find).

Once more, Purefit’s poor customer service rears its head in the buying process. Their website itself is good quality, easy to navigate and easy to buy from. However, there isn’t much information on their landing page. They don’t let you know the cost of products straight away, either: mostly they try to get you to sign up to a free trial.

Again, their poor marketing and business practice undermines an otherwise pretty solid product.

Getting to their site in the first place is also a pretty oblique process. You can’t find it too easily using conventional search engines like Google.

Most of their website traffic seems to be through affiliate links and links from review sites. They will try to push the free trials on you.

There isn’t much necessarily wrong with this. Feel free to check out their free samples. However, make sure you know the prices thereafter, and consider looking Purefit Keto up with the BBB before you commit to anything.