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Purefit Keto Scam Review: Is It True or Not? Things You Must Know! (UPDATED 2021)



  • Formulated to get you into ketosis faster than other products out there
  • Helps relieve side effects that occurs during the early stages
  • Feel lighter and boosts stamina by burning fats into energy


  • Won’t be as effective if the diet is not done right.
  • Negatively judged by many since a lot was not successful with their diet.
  • has the reputation of being sketchy and having false campaigns.

As the ketogenic diet becomes increasingly popular, so too are keto supplements placing their stamp on the market.

Purefit Keto are one of several leading companies attempting to cater for the growing demand for any products- most notably exogenous ketones- that can help make the ketogenic diet less challenging and more efficient.

However, they have come under a great deal of pressure both from regulators and consumers. Though their products are as good as the next company’s (and really quite reasonably priced when you get them from a respected vendor), Purefit have made a name for themselves as being unreliable, disreputable and sometimes outright libellous.

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From tales of scammed customers to fabricating affiliations with popular investors and TV personalities, they seem to have done everything they can to ruin their reputation.

But are they still any good? Is it worth getting your exogenous ketones from them?

In other words, is Purefit Keto scam really trueRead on through the article to know more about this issue. 

The Purefit Keto Scam Review 2021 (UPDATED)

purefit keto

Much of the damage done to Purefit’s reputation came hand in hand with this Shark Tank controversy.

Though Purefit were never featured on Shark Tank, they nevertheless claimed that they did and used doctored imagery from an episode featuring a different, unrelated product in their promotional material.

About Shark Tank Involvement with Purefit

As above, Shark Tank did not fund Purefit. They had no involvement with the company whatsoever. The adverts that claimed they did were merely trying to ride on the show’s publicity and the perceived legitimacy that their investors bring.

The BBB’s subsequent investigation confirmed that the ad on Purefit’s website was misleading. The fallout from this, alongside the BBB’s involvement, made them look like they couldn’t be trusted.

This is fair enough. At least their advertising department- who posted the ad claiming affiliation to Shark Tank in the first place- have proven themselves untrustworthy. Why would anybody assume that the rest of the company is any better?

It’s no wonder that Purefit lost the public’s faith in the wake of all of this press.

When they were caught, Purefit fixed the situation and retracted the ad. It could be argued that it was a simple case of their advertising department getting carried away (though it should be noted that they only took the ad down when it was proven they were fake.)

Their fake information output has gone further than this.

Celebrities Getting Involved

British celebrity Holly Willoughby was dragged into the spotlight when she was used to advertise Purefit Keto Pills. Willoughby has never had anything to do with Purefit’s products.

Purefit manufactured quotes and used Willoughby’s face without her knowledge or consent. They claimed that they were her ‘secret method’ for keeping in shape after multiple pregnancies.

Purefit went further. In multiple social media postings, they put out headlines and links stating that her family were getting worried that she was ‘losing weight too fast’ after taking their product. Purefit even fabricated an interview with the Willoughby.

It reads like a classic scam and puts Purefit and their business practices to shame.

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Dodgy Marketing Tactics

Once more, their advertising department has been telling lies.

There have also been some dodgy business practices tied to Purefit that don’t revolve around fake advertising and misinformation. A woman in the UK is warning people off Purefit Keto products since being the victim of a scam: she had money taken from her account without her knowledge or permission after buying Purefit Keto pills online.

Nicola Harvey bought the pills from for £22. Within a few short weeks, she found that £151 had been taken from her account via a standing order that she had not signed up to or approved.

The number she was given for complaints turned out not to be correct, nobody answered her emails and the company’s address did not exist. There was nobody she could turn to in order to get her money back.

Claims About not Being Effective

Finally, there have been claims that Purefit Keto pills simply don’t work. This is largely down to Purefit themselves: they market their product as a miracle weight-loss cure. People buy into this in desperation, only to find that simply taking them without changing anything else in their diets doesn’t work.

This should be no surprise. There is no such thing as a miracle weight-loss pill.

These pills should only be used by people following a ketogenic diet, who follow a regular training regime and know how to eat for weight loss already.

Using these pills can keep you in your hard fought for ketosis for a few hours even after you cheat and eat something heavy in carbs.

They will also allay some of the negative side effects often experienced by those going into ketosis, whilst providing longer lasting energy and a speedier, more efficient transition into ketosis in the first place.

They are not a miracle cure. They are simply an exogenous ketone source.

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Is Purefit Keto a Legitimate Shark Tank Product?


When they were just starting out, Purefit Keto let themselves in for a great deal of controversy, eventually being censured by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This was in large part due to claims they made in their advertising material of a non-existent relationship with Shark Tank (and Dragon’s Den, the UK version of the show).

They claimed that Shark Tank funded them. It did not.

Purefit Keto was never listed on any of Shark Tank’s episode guides, on their website, or anywhere else. Despite the misleading information they put out, Purefit Keto had no relationship whatsoever with Shark Tank.

They have since distanced themselves from these early claims.

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Are there any Success Stories Regarding Purefit Keto? Does it Work?

Of course there are success stories regarding Purefit Keto. As an exogenous ketone source, it works as it should. It allows those on keto diets to get into ketosis quicker, with more energy, and with greater hopes of increased longevity.

Purefit Keto have hyped their product up. They have claimed that it is a miracle weight loss cure.

As above, it isn’t. Nothing is.

But if you forget this and use their product for what it is- an exogenous ketone, to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet- it will work.

So, forget Purefit’s bad press if you can. Forget their overblown claims and the hard-sale advertising they push on their consumers. Just look at their ingredients and the science behind what they are trying to achieve.

Ketogenic diets often come with some serious side effects. Stomach upsets and lethargy are amongst the most common of these. Exogenous ketones relieve many of these symptoms.

In addition, it can take a long time to get into ketosis. False starts are common, as people suffer the side effects and give into cravings, sending their bodies back to square one. Exogenous ketones speed up the process, meaning that you will get into ketosis within days, not weeks.

Purefit Keto’s exogenous ketones are good quality and competitively priced. They are as good as the next supplement of their kind, and so are worthy of serious consideration if you’re looking to follow a ketogenic diet.

Many have said also that it helped them to take Purefit Keto’s products during the first few days, when that keto flu can really get on top of you. Instances of exhaustion, headaches and mental fog seem to be diminished in most people when they have taken Purefit Keto supplements.

What’s the Solution for this Problem?

There are a couple of ways you can overcome Purefit Keto’s downsides.

They are known for being supplied by unscrupulous third-party vendors. These vendors, like those mentioned above, are all too often con-artists looking to exploit your need for dietary supplementation in order to take as much money as they can from you (with or without consent, again as above.)


So the first step in protecting yourself is to buy your Purefit Keto supplements from legitimate vendors. Sites like Amazon will provide you with multiple sellers for most products, and all of these sellers will have a wealth of customer reviews.

Search for the top-reviewed vendors and buy from them.

Alternatively, if you can, buy direct from Purefit. You will know then that you will be paying what you want for what you want, and no more.

Also, don’t listen to inflated claims about Purefit Keto supplements as miracle cures for weight-loss. They aren’t, as should be clear by now.

Instead, take them in conjunction with a healthy ketogenic diet that you are able to maintain over an extended period of time. Exercise regularly, eat correctly and stay on top of your health.

Then, Purefit Keto will be the icing on the cake- which is all exogenous ketones should ever be.

Do these things, and Purefit Keto products will most likely work very well for you. If they still don’t, look elsewhere- that’s the advantage of having so many similar products so readily available.

Final Verdict

purefit keto

Purefit Keto Pills themselves are not a scam. Perfect Keto are not selling snake oil: their product works well enough when you use it for what it’s designed for. If you’re looking to aid your body in ketosis, these exogenous ketones will work as well as any other.

Purefit Keto as an organisation are a company with seemingly terrible business ethics. They, and any claims they make, cannot be trusted.

There is no miraculous weight-loss with their product. They do not have celebrity endorsements. Their vendors are unscrupulous and have a tendency to sign you into financial obligations you hadn’t counted on.

Don’t treat their product with any suspicion: treat the company with a lot of suspicion. If you can find a decent vendor for their products, and you take their products as they are meant to be taken, you will be fine.

If not, you are in for disappointment.

Remember, there are plenty of keto products on the market. If you have been turned off by Purefit’s business practices (and it’s not surprising if you are), then it may be simpler to look elsewhere for supplements.